Our purpose is to end the toxic impact unemployment has on a young person’s life.


Youth unemployment leads to hunger, homelessness, physical and mental health issues, all of which leave young people at high risk of exploitation and abuse.

100% of your donations are used to give a disadvantaged young person the chance to change their future, through meaningful work with good employers.

It is the simplest, most practical way to alter the course of a young person’s life.

To make a difference and help transform a young person’s life donate now globalgiving.org/projects/thriveinwork


Thrivefund bursary

A single mum, isolated and living in a refuge, Emilee knew she needed to turn her life around.

Enrolling on a 12 week personal development programme, she went on to study for her GCSEs but struggled to complete assignments as she only had access to computers at college.

A bursary from the #thrivefund allowed her to buy a laptop so she could study whilst looking after her daughter.

It gave Emilee the determination to complete a higher education course and she has now been accepted onto a Psychology course at university.


Thrivefund bursary

Melissa, 23, struggled to find work after finishing her degree and was out of work for 10 months. She had very low confidence and little hope for the future.

Melissa was finally offered an administrator role with her local sports centre, which she hoped would be a step towards her dream of a career in sport and fitness. The only problem was Melissa couldn’t afford to pay for both her uniform and the initial travel costs.

A bursary from #thrivefund gave Melissa the financial support needed to accept the job. Melissa flourished and managed to secure a full time position at the gym a few months later.


Thrivefund bursary

I was depressed as a teenager. I moved out. lost my job and racked up debts with loans companies. When I couldn’t pay rent anymore. I started sleeping at a night shelter. My depression got worse and I began self-harming.”

A homeless charity Chloe went to for hot meals put her in touch with an organisation that supported her to turn her life around. She managed to start working again and received a th rivefund bursary to pay for clothes.

“Working gave me confidence. I enjoyed meeting new people and with the help of my mentor I decided I’d like to work in care."

Spurred on by her new goals. Chloe completed the relevant training. and received a #thrivefund bursary to pay for work ID.

“The past 18 months feel like a dream. I’ve been named Carer of the Month. I live in a privately rented flat with my partner. and I have my own transport. I love my life now and hope to become a nurse.


Thrivefund bursary

Jorgie was subject to violence within his family to the point that at 16 he went to social services for help. With the right support Jorgie got onto a work experience programme before being offered an apprenticeship and finding a place of his own to live. Things were looking up. except Jorgie couldn't afford to cover the costs of travel, buying work clothes and paying rent.

“I struggled to pay bus fare to work. I also had to wear the same clothes all week due to lack of work wear." A bursary from the #thrivefund covered these costs untilJorgie‘s first pay day.

Jorgie shares he feels “Excellent" and has “more confidence in myself turning up for work".